Samsung Digital Doorlock SHS-P718

A new way of opening and closing the door by pushing to enter from outside and pulling to exit from inside. It is very convenient to open and close the door.

The double authorization requires fingerprint and password combination to open and it is fully secured. It can register 100 fingerprints.

It provides safety to you, your family and belongings. Samsung doorlock guards your home and office 24x7 and it gives you peace of mind when you are away from home and office.

When the Samsung doorlock sense somebody for a certain period of time, it will sound an alarm for 1 minute to scare the person away.

Secure your Home and Office today and prevent any untoward break in and loss of belongings.

Easy Way to Open Door

New Push-Pull design is easier to use. (Push to enter, pull to exit)

Secured Lock-up

Robust structural-design. Anti-hacking encryption protocol.

Smart Functions

Automatic wake-up on approaching. Locking notification on touch panel.

Innovative Technology

14 patents pending. Unprecedented design with modern style.

Double Authentication

Double authorization requires fingerprint & password combination to open.

Quick Access

Speedy and accurate access with the optical finger print authentication.

Silent Mode

Silent mode is available for quiet entrances in late nights (Button sound is muted.)


Password   4 ~ 12 digit number combination
Fingerprint   Capacity 100 fingerprints (max.)
RFID Card/Password   Capacity 31 (max.)
Door thickness   AML220 : 40 ~ 60 mm
  AML320 : 61 ~ 80 mm
Power   DC 6V (AA Alkaline batteries) x 8
Battery life   Approximately 12 months
  (Average - 10 times per day)

Model Code

Handle Type
Push-Pull Pull-Push Push-Pull Pull-Push
Mortise AML220 AML220 AML320 AML320
Color Black